Smithsonian: “Salina Turda – un motiv in plus pentru a vizita Romania”

Salina TurdaSalina Turda a fost transformata intr-un minunat, dar ciudat parc, scrie

Salina Turda 2Mina de sare este un monument istoric din timpuri vechi, cand exploatarea sarii reprezenta o afacere de succes in regiune.

In 1992, mina a fost inregistrata ca sit istoric. Ea a fost transformata intr-un parc in care se gasesc cosuri de baschet, mici terenuri de golf, un lac subteran, un centru spa si multe alte facilitati. “Un motiv in plus pentru a vizita Romania“, potrivit site-ului Institutul Smithsonian este cel mai mare complex muzeal din lume.

Salina Turda a fost inclusa in 2013  de site-ul american Business Insider intr-un top 25 al destinatiilor de calatorie incredibile din lume, despre care turistii nici nu stiu ca exista.


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This Former Salt Mine Is Now a Theme Park With a Ferris Wheel

368 feet below ground, the mine is home to basketball hoops, mini golf, a ferris wheel, an underground lake, a spa and more

Deep in the ground in Turda, Romania, is a salt mine that has been turned into a weird, wonderful park of sorts. The mine is a historical monument to an earlier time, when salt mining was big business in the region. It was excavated by hand in the 13th century and was eventually closed as a mining facility. Since 1992, the mine has been a registered historic site. Now, 368 feet below ground, it’s home to basketball hoops, mini golf, a ferris wheel, an underground lake, a spa and more.

Visitors leave the mine with surreal photographs.

The official website of the mine explains a bit more of its history (translated from Romanian):

It was built between 1853-1870, it is a horizontal gallery made to cut the costs of salt conveyance to the surface. When it was finished it was 780 meters long, but till the end of the 19th century it was afurthered by 137 meters reaching the length of 917 meters. The sterile area ( dug in the earth)is 526 meters long and it is strengthened with a 40cm thick stone wall. On the left side of the wall is marked the length of it. The electrical system was installed in 1910. Between 1948-1992 it was used as a cheese storage room.  During this time the water and waste pipes were installed. On the left wall of the gallery are placed pickets with equidistance of 10 fathoms. As tourist enter the in the mine the underworld reveal its  wonders.

One more reason to visit Romania.

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